How to View Private Instagram Account?



Instagram has millions of subscribers just like Facebook. This is one of the popular social media platform where people share what is happening through photos and videos. One can share events and location anytime and anywhere. By using Instagram, you can access your follower’s profiles, and know what is going in their life just by following their profile post and updates.

Instagram provide you options of making your account either public or private. Almost all celebrities set their profile to ‘public’ as most of their content will spark public interest. For any reason, you can select your profile to either private or public as you wish.

In most cases, people set their profiles to private for privacy reasons. Some feel comfortable allowing access to trusted individual, but there are some people won’t feel comfortable sharing information with the public and hence they decide to keep profile private. Actually, this is personal choice.

Does Private Instagram Viewer Really Work?

People set their Instagram accounts to either public or private. Instagram has some regulations and policies that help in protecting users information from getting put to unauthorized individual. Information such as Email, phone and chats cannot be accessed by other site when shared with Instagram.  All your data remains with Instagram.

If you have kept your profile private, then you have your personal reason. This keeps your personal information away from unauthorized users. With a private account, you can accept a follower request or ignore it.

As much as we have private accounts, we have stalkers who will always monitor your progress for whatever reason. Once can see your private profile once you accept their follow request. Alternatively, there are some applications and websites that promise to give access to any private profile of Instagram.

Some of private account viewer apps will work, while others will show blurred photos. Others will ask you for information before giving you access to any Instagram private account. Some go to extent of requesting subscriptions so that they can provide you full access to private Instagram account. This is where social media acts like a double-edged sword. Whatever you share on social media sites can be either beneficial to people or it can also put you in danger.

All these websites or apps are specially designed to give you a specific desired result. I don’t promise that all of these apps will satisfy your quest, try them all and see if they deliver the intended results. Please note that some web apps will require your personal information and sharing such sensitive information can put into serious trouble. If you trust any of these app or site, then go ahead and use it.

Before you decide to make use of any of these apps, keep in mind, in most cases, gives a warning to the use of the apps. You will find a section that says either a dangerous site or secure site. Using the private Instagram viewer app or website, just know that they can put virus into your computer as most of them direct you to other sites.

Here is a preview of some popular apps and websites that promise to give you access as a private Instagram viewing. Most of the sites are scammers, so you need to use them at your own risk.

1. Private Instagram Web Viewer

When someone makes their Instagram profile private, that means they are not interested to show you their content. They want to remain undisturbed. If you have been denied access either by blocked or request not accepted, then you can get relief from this website. Follow few steps and get to see the content and enjoy it.

Private Instagram Profile Viewer

Private Instagram Web Viewer is ideal option for viewing private pictures only. It woks on Windows, Android and iOS also. For android mobile, you can easily download the app and set it work. If your are using web version, then type username and search. You will get within a few minutes. You will have access to the content that you want. This website makes it waste for you to enjoy your access to private Instagram account.

This site is straightforward to use. When you are using this website, you get option to make the confirmation to ensure that the correct profile is selected to view. It gives quick results.

2. Private Insta

Private Insta

Its been three years now, Private Insta providing service to the user. This gives access to private Instagram account within a minute. It provide services of this account, when you want to view profile and don’t want the owner of account to know its you.

Private Insta is very easy to use and the only thing required is to enter the username and it will generate the result you want. This site is secure and never ask for any personal information. It works with OSX, Windows, iOS and Android systems. Many apps and sites will come and go, but Private Insta, it has been always consistent and hence it is trustworthy.

3. Insta Looker

This is another website that lets you monitor Instagram private accounts. The doesn’t waste your time at all by asking you to download apps, or provide the login details; instead, enter specific username of the target and get access to results.

Instalooker has three excellent features, which makes it unique from others. First thing is you don’t have to download it as app. This saves your time in getting results. Second, you can spy Instagram account very fast as it is very user friendly. Once you have specific username, then you go ahead and search for your target.

This site is secure and legal in most countries. You won’t be braking any law by just using it.

4. Insta Spy

Insta Spy

Insta Spy site made accessing private Instagram account easy. You will only require username of the private user your are targeting. Just enter the username and start the process of searching. This will  lead you to that private account you are targeting and hence you can get access to photos and videos. Therefore, view and enjoy the private content as much as you want.

This site is easy to use and give you quick results. Insta Spy is easy to navigate and doesn’t require you to download the app to use. You will also that Insta Spy is free and hence, affordable for anybody requiring information from a private account. Using this site, you can securely stalk your Instagram target.

Is it possible to see private Instagram followers?

However it is not possible to see private Instagram followers with these Private Instagram Viewer. When it comes to private accounts, it is obvious that the account holder are restricting accessing because of their privacy reason. Instagram doesn’t allow infringing of a person’s privacy, and hence there is need for some consent. So, if you want to see private profile’s followers follow that user and after accepting follow request you can see their followers.

I hope this guideline will add some knowledge to whatever you had concerning the viewing of Instagram’s private profile.



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