FMWhatsApp – Best WhatsApp MOD

FMWhatsApp – Best WhatsApp MOD
FMWhatsApp – Best WhatsApp MOD

In the terms of users, WhatsApp gained much popularity all over the world. Over billions people are using WhatsApp messaging service to communicate each other. But normal WhatsApp does not have many features, that the reason it is less popular than competitors offer. We still have some limitation on sending large size of files or maximum numbers of members in a group. Such restrictions in WhatsApp can bottleneck your messaging experience while using normal WhatsApp.

Using modded apps is not new thing, since very long people are using such modded apps for extra ordinary features. FM WhatsApp comes with extra ordinary features, but it also has original WhatsApp performance.

What is FMWhatsApp?

It is the modded version that have been used by so many people. It is customizable version that come with extra features that will blow your mind. There are a lot of things you need to know about FMWA. Here is what you should know:

Is it safe to use modded WhatsApp?

This is most frequently asked question by users. people are confused about whether this app is secure to use or not. FMWhatsApp is very safe to use. You can securely use this mod on your Android device.

Which Features FMWhatsApp provide?

Themes: There is a large collection of custom color schemes are available in this app. FMWhatsApp have bigger collection of themes of their own. This app provide more choices in customizing theme. Normal WhatsApp don’t provide such customizing options.

Privacy Settings:


FMWhatsApp is can hide blue ticks as well as hiding typing and recording statuses ,you can freeze last seen and status view. Privacy settings in normal WhatsApp are completely different and works differently. It does not have such options to hide online status and typing or view status.

Send files without Restrictions: There is no limitations on Sending media files on FM WhatsApp. you can expect a smooth file sharing using this modded WhatsApp.

Call Blocking: You don’t get this call blocking feature in original WhatsApp, this feature might get available in future. You get call blocking feature in this FM WhatsApp.

Pin Chats: You can pin unlimited number of chats in FM WhatsApp. Yes you read right.

In-Built Lock: This is the best feature you get in FMWA. Unlike normal WhatsApp, you do not need to install any third-party app in order to lock your chats. The main advantage of this feature is that, no one can bypass it. Anyone can simply close the third party app lockerfrom the app settings, but in FM WhatsApp you cannot do this because of inbuilt lock.

Dual WhatsApp:

1.You can use FM WhatsApp as a secondary WhatsApp, if you want to use both mobile numbers WhatsApp account on the same device.2. Hide Double Tick.
3. Long Press On Camera Button To Send High Quality Images.
4. Hangout UI.
5. Hide Double Blue Ticks.
6. Hide Microphone.

7. Hide Typing
8. Set Your Name on Main Screen
9. Call Privacy Feature
10. New Call Icon
11. Change Bubbles and Ticks Styles

7. Hide Typing
8. Call Privacy
9. New Call Icon
10. Change Bubbles and Ticks Styles
These are the main features of latest FM WhatsApp version.

How To Download & Install FM WhatsApp?

Installing FM WhatsApp on your phone is super easy, you need to download the apk file of FMWA from the it’s official website. Foud MOD Website

1. Make sure that you have enabled the install from Unknown Sources in your settings, to enable install from unknown sources ,you have to go to the security tab in settings then there you will get this option to enable.
2. Once you have enabled the unknown sources option, just open that FMWA apk which you have downloaded from website.
3. Now verify number your mobile number in FMWA like original WhatsApp.
4. You have to enter OTP which you will receive from FMWA.
5. Once you verify your mobile number, you can set your profile picture and name.
Final Words
So, this is all about the modded FM WhatsApp. I hope you like my article. Using FMWA you can use dual WhatsApp account on one android phone. If you like this article, then please do share this post as much as possible.

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