18 Computer Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe

computer maintenance tips

computer maintenance tips


performance and speed are two important things people want in their PC’s. because of these things, most people throw away their existing computer, if they start in performing poor. The same thing in the case of the newer laptops and computers too. The major problem is with maintaining your computer or a laptop. To help you with this problem, I have crafted a computer/laptop maintenance list.
These are very simple tricks but trust me, these simple tips will help you a lot. I have included a maintenance checklist for computer in this article. You will learn to keep you PC healthy but also you will get fastest software support too. Are you ready to learn these tips? So, lets start with few hardware tips.
1. Fight With Dust
Dust is one of the problem that can affect your PC. If you have kept your PC in properly closed room then it is okay. But, if you have kept your computer in dusty room, then dust will deposit on your machine and it will start affecting your system. accumulation of dust can cause the problems like hardware malfunction and PC slowdown.
2. If you have a Desktop, open up and clean it
If you have a desktop, then you can open your computer cabinet and see if there is dust accumulation inside it. If you find dirt on RAM slits, motherboard and processesor, then you can use good quality cleaning kit for cleaning computer.
3. Please Ensure Proper Flow of Electricity
Usually charging adapters of laptops come with power optimization feature. But you will not get this option on the desktop version. Hence, for long lasting functioning of your computer, you should have a look at power output and other wiring. The improper power supply can cause issue like hardware damage.
4. Use Cooler Pad for Laptops
If you are using your laptop for heavy tasks, it will be produce a lot of heat. This problem arises when you keep your laptop on the table for the longer time. The heat will not be able to get out of device. In such case, I will recommend you the use of cooling pad. This cooling pad come with USB-powered fans that will cool down your excessive heat from laptop.
5. Use External Keyboards
This maintenance tip especially for laptop users. May be you are using external keyboard to save your in-built keyboard, but you should also use the inbuilt keyboard sometimes.
6. Update Your Software
You should install the latest version of software of your PC. If you are runing a cracked version, then you will not get any latest update of that software. I won’t recommend you the use of pirated software. Latest security and performance updates will help you with a lot of issues like vulnerability exploitation and malware attacks.
7. Back Up Data
This isn’t a maintenance tip, but still it is an important part of our laptop maintenance article. Things that happen to your laptop or PC are unpredictable. So, you must take precaution to protect your data. One simple thing you can do is take backups of your data. I will recommend doing it on monthly basis.
8. Install Antivirus Program
If you are running a Windows 10, then you have options. either, you can stick to default antivirus ie. Windows Defender or any third party Antivirus program. If you want additional features, you should install a third party antivirus software like Kaspersky, Norton, Avast etc.
9. Perform Antivirus Scan
Antivirus is not only for finding malicious code or virus in your PC. Almost all antiviruses have the option to find major issues in your computer, like  junk files and all. Regular antivirus scan is an the ideal way to keep your system safe and secure.
10. Install Windows Updates
Installing Windows Updates is a ideal way for protection. But for this, you should have the genuine Microsoft Windows Operating System. These updates takes a lot of time,data and space, but it is worth. At the end, you get secure, speedier PC.
11. Updating Device Driver
Peripheral devices can be used to steal the data. So, to protect your system from data stealth, you should have the updated versions of device. This is for all devices such as mouse, keyboard, graphic cards etc. Updated drivers can enhance performance of your PC and also they can fix many problems too.
12. Delete Junk Files
The reason behind for lagging PC and poor performance are Junk Files. For better performance, you should delete junk files on your PC regularly. These junk files takes lots of system resources. So it better to delete these junk files and get ride of such useless files.
13. Delete Internet Files
This is a new thing for you. When you search something on Internet, a lot files are kept in storage. These include Internet cookies, cache files, scripts and passwords. At the same time, these files can track your activities or steal the data. Also, these files can your PC slowdown. So, my recommendation is to delete those files on regular basis.
14. Defragment HDD
You may have notice that, HDD’s become bit slower after few years. It is due to the fragmentation, Hence defragmentation is an ideal way to increase the speed and stability of Hard Disk Drives. .
15. Take a Loot at Task Manager
By using task manager of Windows, you can see which heavy programs you have installed on computer. If you see any suspicious activities in your PC, you should task manager to take a look. With Task Manager you can get to know about your PC like its performance, network usage, disk usages etc.
16. Upgrade RAM
want to increase the performance of computer? then you should upgrade your RAM. First, make sure if there is an extra slot for upgrading RAM. also you can replace existing old RAM with new one. When there is high capacity RAM, you can do smooth multitasking.
18. Reset PC, if you can
This is another option if you are running Microsoft Windows 10. There is an inbuilt option for PC reset. You can reinstall Windows OS without actually needing ISO or CD. If your PC is becoming slow day by day then try resetting the PC. You may lose some data, but resetting PC makes everything good once again.
So, these are the few simple computer maintenance tips and tricks for good functioning of your computer. In this article, I have tried to cover almost all tips for the computing, both software and hardware. I recommend you to take some time to do this, every week or month. If you are expert user, there are a lot of other things to do.


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